Animal Sociality Seminar

We invite a wide range of internationally recognized scientists to present their work, covering different topics in the field of animal behavior that are also represented at the University of Konstanz. Each semester, we will cover 4 topics, i.e. invite 4 scientists. Students are expected to prepare for the talks using literature made available to them: 2 published papers by the invited scientist, one review paper on the topic, and one textbook chapter for the theoretical background. In the week preceding the talk, students meet for a preparatory seminar in which they consolidate their knowledge of the topic and its main concepts (with the assistance of the seminar organizer) and develop questions. Students have to actively participate in the discussion after the talk and deliver 2 papers per term in which they outline their contribution to the discussion. After the talk, there will be a joint lunch in the Mensa to allow accessible interactions between the students and researchers.